In this Digital Age where people are overwhelmed with all kinds of information every day, we need more
than just boring and repetitive posts to stand out from the rest. But how?
Creating content is easy, but creating CREATIVE contents might not be a piece of cake. Here are a few
useful tips to let you spice up your social media page:

  1. Pictures speak a thousand words.
    A nice post can’t just be made of words. Give a bit of zing to it by adding some graphics. According
    to Brain Rules, the brain does a spectacular job in remembering pictures. For example, when we
    read or listen a piece of information, we will only remember 10% of it after three days. However,
    the addition of pictures will heighten the percentage up to 65%. Well, words may not bring out
    the same impact of seeing it with your own eyes.
    Statistics from BuzzSumo also shows that over 100 million Facebook updates, posts with pictures
    boast 2.3x more engagement than those with solely words.
  2. Keep things short and sweet.
    Not everyone has the time to read a lengthy post or update, especially people on the go who
    browse social media on the small screens of their mobile phones. Make your posts clear and
    concise, and add a catchy headline to grab your audience’s attention as they scroll through the
  3. Be Human. Act Human.
    Show your audience you care for them. Other than promoting your brand, share informative
    posts, news, greetings, fun facts or lifestyle photos to keep your audience engaged. This shows
    that you are actually putting effort in building a good relationship with them, instead of treating
    them as walking ATM machines. Besides that, always answer to your audience’s queries and
    interact with them under your posts. Build your brand loyalty with quality, and FUN.
  4. Ask and understand.
    Understand and involve your audience in polls, surveys or through asking them questions. This
    helps you to understand more about their requirements and provide ideas on what to post for
    your next update.
    For example, you can create a poll on what your audience wants you to share. Use the topic with
    the highest votes for your next post, and save the time thinking up a new theme, simultaneously
    satisfying your audience’s needs.